In house manufacturing/ development / after care service

Instead of out-sourcing the manufacturing of our products / systems, we prefer to keep these actions in house.  The reason behind this methology is to be versatile at all times and to fulfil the requirements of the client within the boundaries of the available technology.
We concentrate on the challenges set by the working enviroment and the specific needs which may develop from time to time.  Instead of using an array of individual contractors, we would like our Clients to utilize our capabilities and expertise in the Auto Electrical Industry to the fullest extent possible.  As part of this strategy we have formulated the following mission statement; “ KEEP IT SIMPLE ” and it is according to this statement that we base our training, which is done on or off site depending on the Client.
Design & Drafting
We can provide designers / draughtsmen to carry out required services from our own or Client’s Premises.
We manufacture our own Auto Electrical products / systems, but we can also manufacture to the Client’s specifications and / or drawings
We have adequate workshop facilities to perform complete overhauls and extensive repairs to manufactured products / systems and to equipment / systems of other suppliers.
Benefits of doing business with Boz Auto Electrical
*   Very competitive pricing
*   Training and after sales
*   Personal contact (Top Management Included)
*   Product design and modification
*   Technical assistance – on site
*   Problem identification & solutions – on site
*   Constructive suggestions on cost saving strategies
*   Selective and Bulk Purchasing
*   Product improvement / refinement
*   Standardization of product ranges